Learn: Where to Study and Find Materials

Places to Study

Study Lounge @ The ARC

Need a quiet place to study? Stop by the ARC study lounge and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while you prepare for your classes and sip on a Starbucks coffee.

Study Lounge and 24-Hour Room @ Libraries

All of the libraries on campus have designated quiet zones for students looking for a peaceful place to study and do their class work. The library also features a 24-hour study room with wireless access.

Study Lounges @ Memorial Union – Art Lounge, Griffin, King, MU II

There are four study lounges in the Memorial Union (MU) open to students during regular business hours. The Art Lounge, Griffin Lounge, King Lounge and MU II are great places for students to get in some quiet study time. You can also grab some brain fuel from the nearby Corral, Aggie Student Store or CoHo.

Study Lounge @ Student Community Center

The Student Community Center (SCC) offers extended study opportunities in the study lounge and first floor Lobby. 

Study Materials

Bookstore @ Memorial Union

The Bookstore in the Memorial Union carries the largest selection of textbooks on campus. Basic testing materials including scantrons and bluebooks are available at all UC Davis Store locations. Availability of books and other supplies vary depending on location. Click here to visit the Live section for more information about where to shop for study materials.

Classical Notes

Campus Copies serves as the right arm to Classical Notes. So in addition to printing all of the readers, archives, class notes and solutions sets that are sold to the student body from Classical Notes, Campus Copies offers a myriad of services to the public.

Learn Something New

Craft Center

Get in touch with your inner craftsperson with any of the hundreds of workshops and courses offerred at the Craft Center. They offer a variety of classes from woodworking to photography in a small group atmosphere which guarantees you'll get hands-on experience with the help of an instructor.

Experimental College

You can learn how to dance, try your hand at the turntable or learn how to make sushi with the classes offered by the Experimental College (EC.) The EC has been an institute for hobby learning for years and gives Aggies a chance to build new skills and find a new hobby along with your fellow classmates in a safe environment. 

UC Davis Student Farm

Learn where our food comes from and how it gets to the table as part of the Student Farm.