Where to Get Assistance

For Academic Assistance

Placement Exams: Mathematics and Chemistry

These placement exams determine whether or not you are prepared for college-level math and chemistry courses offered at UC Davis. It is imperative that you pass these exams to be successful because the mathematics and chemistry departments will drop students who do not qualify for a course they are enrolled in. 

Tutoring and Workshops

The Student Academic Success Center provides both general and subject specific academic assistance to all registered UC Davis Students.  

Student Support and Judicial Affairs

Student Support and Judicial Affairs works with students to promote academic integrity, ethics, and student learning in a safe and civil campus environment. They also provide advice and assistance to students concerned about their rights.

Student Disability Center

The Student Disability Center (SDC) works to promote independence and integrated participation in campus life for students with disabilities. The SDC is staffed by professional disability specialists who specialize in different areas of disability: learning, vision, hearing, medical, psychological and mobility.

Academic Advising Center (AAC)

The AAC provides convenient, personalized academic support from peer advisors and tutors for every residence hall student as part of the Residence Hall Advising Team (RHAT).

Community Advising Network

A team of six Counseling and Psychological community counselors provide help through the Community Advising Network (CAN). They are available to assist all students, especially those from underserved populations, to achieve their goals and address factors that may be affecting their academic success. Some of the common concerns they help students with are time management, depression, anxiety, family expectations, questioning sexuality and coming out, immigration concerns and more.