SA Spotlight: Aggie Moonlight Breakfast

Campus leadership serve food at Aggie Moonlight Breakfast
Interim Vice Chancellor Galindo works alongside students, Chancellor May and wife LeShelle to get breakfast into the hands of thousands of hungry Aggies.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; but to students studying for their final exams, it may be the most important meal of the night too. Last quarter, Chancellor Gary S. May, the ASUCD Coffee House and the Division of Student Affairs presented the inaugural Moonlight Breakfast in the CoHo between 9 p.m. and midnight on the second day of finals week, providing vital brain fuel to students facing a long night of studying.

Long line at Moonlight Breakfast
Lines stretched out of the CoHo and across the Memorial Union. 

Breakfast of champions

Interim Vice Chancellor Emily Galindo, alongside Chancellor May, wife LeShelle and other campus leaders and volunteers, helped dish out pancakes, breakfast burritos, coffee and other breakfast items (including vegetarian and vegan options) by the thousands to students, with lines stretching from the CoHo back to the Campus Store on the other side of the MU. Perhaps unsurprisingly, pancakes were the night’s biggest star—though in close competition were Chancellor may, who made himself available for selfies with students, and a rousing appearance by the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh!, all of which added to the festive atmosphere the event brought to the CoHo, usually quiet by that time of night.

Band-uh! at Moonlight Breakfast
The Band-uh! kindly helped breakfasting students wake up with their 'Finals Week Serenade."

A new tradition?

“Long term, the hope is that we can do this event on a regular basis and that it will continue to grow,” said Richard Ronquillo, Associate Director, Departmental and Student Housing Outreach, Student Housing and Dining Services. With a high turnout and positive feedback from many of the approximately 1,800 students who attended, Aggie Moonlight Breakfast looks to have a good shot at becoming a finals week tradition.

Organizing an event of this scale and logistical complexity called for a high degree of cooperation among many departments from across campus. “The chancellor and his leadership team, Student Housing and Dining Services, ASUCD Coffee house, vendors who donated food and coffee, Aggie Compass providing resources and all the other resources inside and outside of Student Affairs put time into the project,” said Richard Ronquillo. According to Ronquillo, “the big takeaway is that great and innovative things can happen if we pull together to support the students.” This, and the fact that students love pancakes. 

Mound of pancakes at Moonlight Breakfast
The main event.