How do I start an IM team?

3 Easy Steps for Joining an Intramural Team

Intramural Sports (IM) offers more than two dozen different activities in traditional sports such as basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball and flag football as well as non-traditional activities such as ultimate frisbee, tube polo and dodgeball.

Here are 3 easy steps you need to take if you’re interested in playing intramural sports. (TH)

Step 1: View the current list of leagues to find a sport you are interested in playing.

Step 2: Create an IM Track profile. You have to do this step, and accept the terms and conditions, before you can be added to a roster or play.

Step 3: Register yourself or your team to play before each quarter’s deadline. Don’t have team? Visit the Intramural Sports free agent website to sign up and see a list of current free agent teams.

3 Things to Know Before the Games Begin

1. The Levels of Competition
Intramural competition is typically offered in three leagues: open league (no gender requirements), women's league, and CoRec league (must meet minimum gender requirements). Within each league,
competition is divided into three levels: premier, competitive, recreational. There are also special Residence Hall groups and graduate student, staff and faculty groups available.  

2. The Rules
Before you hit the field or court,
check out the guidelines for playing. You can also help enforce the rules by completing a clinic to become an official for intramural games.

3. Where You’ll Play
Find out
where the field, pool or court you’ll be playing on is located before the games begin.