Student Satisfaction Survey

At the start of spring quarter, students will receive an invitation to take the inaugural UC Davis student satisfaction survey.

This survey will help establish a framework for understanding the needs of students and assessing the effectiveness of university services.

In addition to the 12 standard survey questions, your department has the opportunity to submit up to five supplemental, department-specific questions to be included in the survey. Questions may be: ranking on a 1–5 satisfaction scale, on a 1–10 likelihood to recommend scale, open-ended or yes/no. 

Consider what kind of questions are likely to yield actionable insights. The standard questions, along with some examples of supplemental questions, may be found here.  Bear in mind also that you are not required to submit five questions; any number up to five is acceptable. In some cases, presenting survey takers with a higher number of questions may contribute to lower participation levels.

The Student Satisfaction Survey is an excellent opportunity to get feedback directly from the students who daily use your services and interact with your staff. Please submit your supplemental questions no later than Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

Question submission form