Davis Life

Students hangin out on the Main Quad

Housing on or off campus, wellness and health, finding a job, affording education–all are components of a student's life. Student Affairs encourages well-balanced lives by providing the information and services students need to make positive choices.

Where to Live

There are a number of areas on campus to live, ranging from the residence halls designed for incoming freshman and transfer students to privately-owned apartments.

Where to Eat

Whether you live in the residence halls or in an off-campus apartment, there are plenty of great places to eat.

Where to Shop

Time to shop! Whether you want to buy some UC Davis apparel, a scantron or a no. 2 pencil, we've listed the places to go. We've also included information about where to shop in and outside of town.

How to Get Around

Whether you are riding your bike, taking the bus or need assistance to and from class, there is a resource on campus waiting to help you get to your destination.

How to Stay Healthy

Being healthy is key to enjoying life. UC Davis offers you many valuable services and resources to help you stay healthy or get over your cold.

How to Find a Job

Having a job helps pay the bills while giving you the experience you need for your resume. UC Davis has a center dedicated to helping you find a job while you're a student and after you graduate.

How to Manage Your Finances

Whether you're paying for school, managing your scholarships or saving your money, you will find plenty of resources on campus that can help keep your financials in order.