Health Happens Here at UC Davis

Health Happens Here at UC Davis

Health care doesn’t just happen at the doctor’s office. It’s what we eat and drink, the places where we work and play and access to insurance.

Stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition are some of the most common health issues facing college students. It doesn’t help that social stigmas make it difficult to get support, which can lead to even bigger health problems, such as obesity, depression and severe anxiety.

These can often be helped or prevented by the choices you make every day. Healthy options are all around you on the UC Davis campus and support is available for everyone—make health happen for you!

Drink more water

Drinking enough water is essential to keeping you healthy. Hydrating can help:

  • Increase energy and relieve fatigue
  • Flush out toxins
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Boost immune system
  • Relieve headaches

Learn more about staying hydrated

Become an informed consumer

Take action toward a healthier life and inspire better health in your community. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes preventive healthcare more affordable and accessible. Become an informed consumer

Drink more water

High levels of stress and fatigue can lead to struggles in school, depression and other serious health issues. Help make health happen at UC Davis: identify your sources of stress and mental health challenges early and use campus resources to help prevent them.

Stride with Aggie Pride

Regular physical activity helps improve your overall health and reduces your risk of serious health issues.

It's a philanthropic 5K run/walk organized by a group of enthusiastic UC Davis students and staff dedicated to bettering student life. 

Run the Stride for Aggie Pride 5K.