Live: How to Stay Healthy

Students in a group exercise class at the Activities and Recreation Center

Some people go to the doctor for regular check ups. Some go jogging or rock climbing. Some people watch what they eat. Whatever you do to stay healthy, there are a number of resources on campus here to help.

Medical and Mental Health

Primary Care and Specialty Care

Medical professionals are available by appointment five days a week for primary care treatment and referrals. Your primary care appointments is scheduled on the same day that you call.

Urgent Care Services

Urgent care services are available any time Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) medical services are open. An advice nurse will help assess your healthcare needs by phone or in-person. Wait times vary a lot since priority is given according to the severity of the problem.

Individual Counseling

Counseling Services provides free, confidential, short-term therapy to registered UCD students. The initial consultation will help clarify your needs and direct you to appropriate services.

Group Counseling

Counseling Services also offers group counseling consisting of 4-10 students meeting weekly. This service is only available to registered UC Davis students at no cost. Call or visit the Counseling Services office for more information.


Acupuncture is recognized by the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health as an effective treatment of many medical problems. Acupuncture also works very well in resolving physical problems related to stress, tension and emotional conditions. Some of the many conditions that might benefit from acupuncture treatment include, but are not limited to headaches, back pain, muscle cramping, constipation and much more.

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Wellness Center @ The ARC

The Fitness and Wellness Center is the one-stop-shop for all your fitness and wellness questions. It serves as a resource for information on various health and fitness topics. Fitness and Wellness attendants can assist in helping you start a safe and effective exercise regimen with a personal trainer, or set up an appointment with a dietitian for healthy and helpful nutrition tips.

Nutrition Services/Dietitian

Nutrition Services offered at the Student Health & Wellness Center include individual counseling or group classes. They also offer free cooking classes in the Teaching Kitchen and the Weight Management Series.

Cooking Classes

Learn how to prepare healthy, budget friendly meals from start to finish.

Workshops and Other Resources

Eating Disorder Resources

The Association for Body Image Disordered Eating (ABIDE) is a group dedicated to raising awareness about how society might influence one’s relationship to one’s body and to food. ABIDE believes that they can prevent and reduce eating disorders and the prevalence of body image oppression through education, outreach, support and intervention.

Health Education and Promotion Resources

Health Education and Promotion (HEP) is a primary resource to help you achieve wellness through education and creating health-promoting environments. HEP focuses on issues related to nutrition, physical activity, sexual health, wellness, stress management, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Stress and Wellness

Stress is a part of day-to-day living. As college students you may experience stress meeting academic demands, adjusting to a new living environment, or developing friendships. However, the stress you experience is not necessarily harmful. Eustress (mild to moderate stress) can act as a motivator and energizer. However, distress (high levels of stress) can result in medical or social problems.

Where to Buy Medicine

Pharmacy @ the Student Health and Wellness Center

If you've got a cold, a headache or hayfever visit the pharmacy on the first floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center. You can use your student account to purchase over-the-counter and self-care supplies including antihistamines, nasal spray, throat lozenges and vitamins, etc. They also have an advice nurse available to help you decide what you may need to get well.